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The applications for both tele-operated and autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) in security detection and mitigation are numerous and growing. UGVs can replace humans doing some of the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks - particularly the dull and dangerous.

For large areas with extensive borders or industrial campuses such as refineries, electrical power stations, or other utilities, UGVs can be used to great effect to patrol, monitor and interdict intrusion. Several variants have been designed and developed to meet the specific needs of clients.

Although some international airports are employing robotic trains to move passengers between terminals, most airport security organizations have been slow to embrace the application of robotic technologies to selected security tasks. The UGVs we offer can perform airfield perimeter patrols autonomously, thereby saving manpower while improving detection. A tele-operated UGV can be used to rapidly remove a suspicious package/suitcase from the airport terminal baggage handling area to a safe area where the Bomb Squad can dispose of the device. This innovative concept, inspired by the Operations Staff at Aéroport International Jean-Lesage de Québec, eliminates the need to shut down the terminal while the suspicious item is being dealt with.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Security Applications

Two systems that have been designed by the PRC/PRS Team are:

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