Design - Integration - Control
The ARIS Control System
The Advanced Robotic Intelligence System (ARIS) developed by Provectus Robotics Solutions (PRS) enables the conversion of virtually any ground vehicle into a highly versatile robotic platform. It provides fully autonomous and tele-operated modes and is coupled with PRS Remote Control Station (RCS) software to provide an intuitive operator interface.

In autonomous mode, ARIS utilizes on-board localization and obstacle detection sensors to autonomously and safely navigate through its environment while performing a variety of tasks. The autonomy built into the ARIS components reduces the need for human intervention while performing routine missions. Using the RCS GIS-based map component and mission editor, an operator is easily able to create missions, tasks, patrols and define behaviours with minimal training.

In tele-operation mode, ARIS provides non-line-of-sight control of the UGV and its payloads via a dedicated wireless link. It provides real-time telemetry of vehicle information, external sensor readings, and payload status. The configurable RCS utilizes selectable video feedback from multiple vantage points to improve an operator's situational awareness and increase mission execution efficiency.

ARIS is a mature, feature-rich software package that has seen use with the Canadian Space Agency lunar rovers, one of which successfully completed field trials with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the RCMP National Capital Region EOD Team, and the Quebec International Airport security team. Using a highly modular design that is continuously enhanced and tested, ARIS seamlessly integrates many types of external payloads to provide a custom solution to the client.

Note: The UGV Remote Control Station (RCS) software and sensor data feed can be made STANAG 4586 and 4609 compliant if required to meet customer specifications.

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